New Research Increases Confidence in the Benefits of Vegan Diets for Dogs

SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2024 / A new study has increased confidence in the apparent benefits of vegan diets for dogs. The study reanalysed data within a key 2022 study of 2,536 dogs – the largest published study within this field. That study concluded that the healthiest and least hazardous dog foods were nutritionally-sound vegan diets. However, owner opinions of health were included, which may not always be reliable. For example, owners committed to feeding vegan or meat-based diets might sometimes fail to recognise or report subsequent health problems.

The new study used additional statistical methods, including machine learning, to analyse owner opinions of health. It found these were minimally affected when vegan diets were fed. Stated Prof. Andrew Knight – lead author of the original study, "I was relieved to see confirmation that feeding vegan diets had minimal impact on owner opinions about health. This increases my confidence in the reliability of the owner opinions we used."

The new study focused specifically on subjective owner opinions of health, in contrast to the original study which examined seven general indicators of illness, including more objective data such as the frequency of medication use, therapeutic diet use, and veterinary visits. The original study also analysed the reported assessments of veterinarians concerning dog health, as well the prevalence of 22 of the most common health disorders in dogs. Stated Knight, "The large number of health parameters we studied, and the very large number of dogs included, provide a high degree of confidence in the results."

By May 2024 there were 10 studies in dogs, and three in cats, demonstrating equivalent or superior health outcomes when vegan diets are fed, as well as one systematic review covering both species. In April 2024, the longest, most comprehensive peer-reviewed study demonstrated that dogs fed nutritionally-sound vegan diets maintained health outcomes as well as those fed meat. The study comprehensively analysed blood cells and biochemistry, blood nutrient levels, urine, veterinary clinical parameters, and monthly pet owner questionnaires. It studied 15 dogs fed solely vegan diets for an entire year – just under one tenth of an average dog lifespan, or around seven human years. Another 2022 study demonstrated that 1,052 dogs fed vegan diets lived 1.5 years longer, on average, than dogs fed meat. Stated Prof. Knight, "This equates to around an extra decade of life for a human. Additionally, dogs fed vegan diets appear less impacted by certain health problems that impair quality of life. However, it is essential that any diets fed be nutritionally-sound."

Prof. Knight also analysed the environmental benefits of vegan pet diets in a major recent study. This demonstrated that if all the world’s pet dogs went vegan, more greenhouse gases than those emitted by the UK would be saved. Knight stated that "Climate change is becoming a major threat to life on Earth. With the livestock sector a leading cause, substantial dietary change is now essential, and that includes pet diets."

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Andrew Knight
Veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare

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S. Korea-U.S. alliance will ‘incessantly’ strengthen regardless of who wins U.S. election: Seoul envoy

South Korea’s top envoy to the United States expressed confidence Tuesday that the alliance between Seoul and Washington will strengthen “incessantly” through the allies’ “institutionalized” cooperation irrespective of who wins the White House in November.

Ambassador Cho Hyun-dong made the remarks as U.S. President Joe Biden is set to face former President Donald Trump in the Nov. 5 election amid speculation that Trump’s return to the top office could potentially bring a foreign policy shift.

“Regardless of the election outcome. the South Korea-U.S. alliance will continue to strengthen incessantly along the line of institutionalized cooperation,” Cho said during a meeting with South Korean correspondents.

He was apparently referring to cooperation frameworks between Seoul and Washington that have been deeply entrenched to ensure close-knit coordination on security and other issues.

Cho underscored that the South Korea government and his embassy are making sufficient preparations for “any situation,” whil
e noting the broadening scope of the bilateral alliance.

“The South Korea-U.S. alliance has already evolved into one that contributes to the global community beyond the confines of the Korean Peninsula,” he said. “All staff of the embassy will make efforts to contribute to the alliance and its future-oriented development.”

During a press meeting in Seoul last month, Cho said that the overall direction of the alliance will not change no matter who wins in the presidential election, as he stressed that the breadth and depth of the alliance has never been greater,

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Rare mid-May heavy snow warning issued over mountainous areas of Gangwon

A rare mid-May warning of heavy snow was issued Wednesday over mountainous areas in northern Gangwon Province.

The warning went into effect at 7:20 p.m. as snow, which had started shortly beforehand, was forecast to continue into Thursday morning, accumulating up to 7 centimeters in highland and other mountain areas of northern Gangwon.

A heavy snow warning is issued when snowfall accumulation is expected to reach five centimeters or more within a 24-hour period.

It marks the first mid-May heavy snow warning since 1996 although the mountainous Gangwon region typically experiences mild snow in May.

The last heavy snow warning issued in May was in 2021, which was on the first day of the month.

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S. Korean, Slovak foreign ministers discuss raising economic cooperation

Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul held talks with his Slovak counterpart Wednesday and discussed expanding cooperation on the economy and other fronts between their countries.

In the meeting with Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar, Cho appreciated the active high-level exchanges being conducted on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their countries’ diplomatic relationship last year.

The South Korean minister also asked for Slovakia’s support for some 140 South Korean companies operating in the Central European country and voiced hopes that the two countries’ close economic cooperation would expand to the nuclear power plant and defense industries.

Blanar also hoped that their economic collaboration could diversify into research and development and new technology sectors, such as industrial robots, while tightening cooperation in security sectors as well.

Cho expressed concerns that North Korea’s illegal military cooperation with Russia is threatening the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and t
he world, pledging stern responses in collaboration with the international community.

Blanar, in return, voiced Slovakia’s support for peace in and reunification of the Korean Peninsula, saying his country will do its part by proactively joining in the implementation of sanctions against North Korea.

Blanar’s visit marks the first time a Slovak foreign minister has come to South Korea on an official visit in 11 years.

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(LEAD) Thailand seeks extradition of S. Korean suspect in Pattaya murder

Thailand plans to request South Korea hand over a suspect in the murder of a South Korean tourist and disposal of the body in Pattaya, a local media report said Wednesday.

Thai authorities are seeking the extradition of one of the three suspects, who was arrested in a provincial county in South Korea on Monday, the Khaosod daily reported quoting a local police official.

Thai police are investigating the brutal murder case, in which the body of the 34-year-old victim was found in a plastic container filled with cement in a reservoir in Pattaya.

A Bangkok court has also issued arrest warrants for the three suspects on charges of abduction and murder, the news outlet said.

An official from the South Korean Embassy in Thailand said it has received no formal request on the extradition.

“Thai police officials have mentioned the possibility of seeking an extradition but we have received no such request yet,” the embassy official said.

“We are in the process of confirming the arrest warrants,” the official sai

South Korean police arrested the suspect in his 20s in Jeongeup, some 217 kilometers southwest of Seoul, on Sunday, and transferred him to Changwon in accordance with jurisdiction rules.

On Wednesday, a regional court in Changwon issued an arrest warrant to keep him under further custody for investigation, citing a flight risk and concerns of destroying evidence although the suspect denied having been directly involved in the murder.

The second suspect, also in his 20s, was caught and arrested in Cambodia on Tuesday, with the police tracking down the last suspect, who is believed to have fled to a neighboring country from Thailand.

Police were also looking into possible motives of the crime, including involvement of illegal drugs or gambling.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

Head of Line operator said to stress job security at meeting with Korean employees

The Japanese head of the operator of the popular Line messenger app attended a meeting with Naver Corp.’s employees and was said to pledge job security, an industry source said Wednesday, as the South Korean internet giant is under pressure from Tokyo to sell stake in Line.

Takeshi Idezawa, president of LY Corp., the operator of Line controlled by a joint venture between Naver and SoftBank of Japan, attended the meeting with employees of Line Plus Corp. on Tuesday, according to the source.

The meeting was held as Naver has been under pressure from the Japanese government to “review its capital relationship” in LY Corp. over a massive data leak of user information last year.

Both Naver and SoftBank confirmed that they have been in talks over a potential sale of its stake in LY Corp. Last week, Naver said it was open to “all possibilities” with regard to the Japanese government’s administrative guidance.

During the meeting, Idezawa told employees of Line Plus, which supports the messenger app’s global busi
ness, that he would “guarantee the employment” of workers at Line Plus, according to the source.

On Tuesday, South Korea’s presidential office said the Japanese government should not take “unfavorable action” against Naver over concerns about data security.

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