Indonesian Capital Starts Pilot Cinema Reopening Programme

JAKARTA– The administration of Indonesias’s capital, Jakarta, yesterday, started conducting its pilot cinema reopening programme, as the number of daily COVID-19 cases in the city was declining, a city official said.


The Jakarta tourism agency’s acting head, Gumilar Ekalaya, said, all movie theatres in the city are now using a mobile application called PeduliLindungi, for digital contact-tracing to help control COVID-19.


The COVID-19 restrictions on public activities in Jakarta have been eased since a few weeks ago, after a decline in the number of daily cases.


Shopping malls, restaurants and schools in the city have already reopened, under tightened health protocols.


Movie theaters are required to conduct health screening procedures to their employees and moviegoers.


A cinema must be reopened with a maximum capacity of 50 percent, and not allowed those under 12 years old to entre. Eating and drinking are also prohibited inside a movie house.