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Speaker Romualdez Urges Focus on Current Challenges, Sets Aside 2028 Election Speculations

MANILA – Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez has called for a united front across political lines to address the current challenges facing the Philippines, emphasizing the need to set aside discussions about the 2028 elections. Romualdez made this statement on Friday in response to speculations regarding his potential candidacy for president in 2028.

According to Philippines News Agency, the priority is to promote unity and collaboration among all political parties, focusing on the immediate economic, public health, and regional issues the country is facing. His comments come in response to former President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s claim about his intentions to run for president in the 2028 elections. Romualdez expressed gratitude for Duterte’s engagement in political discourse but stressed the importance of addressing the Filipinos’ immediate needs. He affirmed his commitment to his current role as Speaker and serving the nation, rather than focusing on future political aspirations. Romualdez also recognized Duterte’s valuable contributions and hoped for his continued involvement in overcoming national challenges.