Six newborn puppies found inside tightly sealed trash bag

SEOUL, Six newborn puppies were found alive in a tightly tied plastic trash bag on a beach in the southwestern city of Taean, officials said Tuesday.

A passerby heard a squealing sound while walking past Saetbyeol Beach in the western county of Taean, 109 kilometers southwest of Seoul, on Monday, according to the Taean Animal Protection Society.

The person found the six pups believed to have been born not long ago, along with an empty soju bottle and a beer can inside the trash bag.

Some of the puppies showed signs of cyanosis as they had difficulty breathing inside the plastic bag, but none suffered life-threatening injuries.

The animal protection group is temporarily taking care of the pups.

“It is shocking that someone threw away newborn puppies that can’t even open their eyes yet in a rural place, tightly tied up in a trash bag so it couldn’t be untied,” a group official said, adding they have requested the police to investigate.

Source: Yonhap News Agency