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Legazpi City Joins Forces with Higher Education for Learning Recovery Program

Legazpi City – In a landmark move, the Department of Education in Bicol (DepEd-5) has joined hands with a wide array of higher education institutions (HEIs) and teachers’ education institutions for the implementation of learning recovery and remediation programs aimed at basic learners.

According to Philippines News Agency, this significant collaboration was formalized through the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Rawis. The event saw participation from over 60 HEIs and partner non-governmental organizations (NGOs), marking a strong commitment to educational advancement in the region.

The initiative, named ‘6Bs: Bawat Batang Bicolano Bihasang Bumasa at Bumilang’ (each Bicolano child proficient in reading and writing), is designed to bolster literacy and numeracy skills among students from kindergarten to secondary level. Emphasizing the importance of a multistakeholder approach, Sadsad stated that the involvement of HEIs and TEIs is critical in recuperating the learning deficits experienced by students during the pandemic.

Elaborating on the program’s execution, DepEd-5 project development officer Ma. Cristina Barosa shared that student from tertiary education institutions will volunteer as tutors and teaching assistants to support struggling readers. The program is in the process of pinpointing key areas with high numbers of students needing assistance in reading.

The collaboration, which includes at least 60 TEIs and six NGOs, is scheduled to commence in January next year, aiming to significantly enhance the reading proficiency of learners throughout the region.