Legacy book pays tribute to Ilonggos’ fortitude, spirit

ILOILO: Iloilo City has launched a legacy book celebrating the fortitude and optimism of its people as it transforms from a sleepy town into a vibrant metropolis.

The ‘Iloilo City Rises: Padayon sa Pag-uswag (Onward to Progress),’ a seven-chapter 256-page book authored by five Ilonggo writers, five photographers and two contributors, was launched at the Iloilo Convention Center on Monday evening.

‘The book is testament to the indomitable spirit of Ilonggos. It tells stories from the point of view of the Ilonggos themselves, how the dramatic – and I daresay, miraculous transformation of the city took place and continues to unfold,’ said former Tourism secretary Narzalina Lim, the editorial and production director of the book, during the launching ceremonies.

Gracing the occasion was former senator Franklin M. Drilon, who brought big-ticket projects leading to the development of Iloilo.

‘Iloilo City Rises takes the reader on a journey across time and space, celebrating our vibrant development as Ilonggos. M
ore importantly, the book pays tribute to Ilonggos’ unyielding fortitude and optimism under the most difficult circumstances,’ he said.

In a follow-up interview on Tuesday, Ted Aldwin Ong, author of the chapter ‘Ahead of the Curve,’ said the book was an excellent collaborative effort.

‘The book is impactful for the Ilonggos for it illustrates the story of the Ilonggos championed by our political leaders. It demonstrates the value of understanding the political dimension that shapes the day-to-day life of the Ilonggo people,’ said Ong, who also provided editorial guidance and proofreading for the entire book.

Other chapters of the book include A Livable, Lively Urbanscape written by Ma. Luisa Mabunay; Between Heritage and Modernity by Vicente S. Salas; Pagpalangga in Iloilo City, and Classrooms of the Future by Hazel P. Villa; and Living in Harmony with Nature, and Rhythm and Pulse by Rhick Lars Vladimer T. Albay.

In a separate interview, Mayor Jerry P. Treñas said he hoped every Ilonggo would share his fe
elings of being ‘immensely proud, inspired and filled with a sense of belonging as an Ilonggo’ with the release of the book.

‘The launch of our legacy book signifies not just the culmination of a project, but the beginning of a new chapter as we continue to move forward creating a better future, with our past accomplishments as our source of motivation and inspiration,’ he said.

He said that only those who have turned a blind eye cannot see that the city is ‘unstoppable’ and has ‘nowhere to go but up.’

‘We are being looked up to by other local government units in the country. We have received various awards and recognitions locally, nationally, and internationally. We are recognized because we exert effort, we work hard together and strive for excellence to produce results,’ Treñas said.

Source: Philippines News Agency