Cuban Parliament president calls to improve lawmakers’ work

The president of the National People’s Power Assembly of Cuba (Parliament), Esteban Lazo, on Tuesday called on lawmakers to prepare themselves to perform their work better and improve the work of the Legislative.

On the eve of the second extraordinary session of Parliament, Lazo emphasized the need for a permanent link with citizens and with those who must implement public policies, as well as to apply participatory methods and popular control.

Lazo pointed out that under Cuba’s current circumstances, with economic difficulties that have an impact on social issues, the preparation of parliamentarians must be a permanent task in order to be able to analyze issues in depth and seek solutions.

In this regard, he noted that on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Parliament’s leadership designed an agenda of topics that will allow them to be trained in the functioning of that body and other structures of the People’s Power, in addition to studying several laws and elements related to the legislative work.

He recalled that the National Assembly is the only body with constituent and legislative power, which also has control through reports and high audits.

Lazo remarked the urgency of bringing exhaustive analyses on the performance of the agricultural sector and the food industry to Parliament, since one of the main problems of concern for the population is food and its prices.

Lazo noted that it is time to verify what has happened with the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Security Law, in what stage foreign investments are or what actions are being implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Prices to control inflation, all matters of relevance for Cubans.

Source: Lao News Agency