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AMPERSandONE: Seoul’s New K-Pop Sensation Makes Energetic Debut

SEOUL – “AMPERSandONE,” a new boy group from FNC Entertainment, made its eagerly anticipated debut on Wednesday. The band, emerging from the popular Mnet audition program “Boys Planet,” marks FNC’s first new boy group in three years, following the debut of P1Harmony.

According to Yonhap News Agency, a member of AMPERSandONE, during a media showcase in Seoul, the group’s journey to debut has been filled with challenges and aspirations. Jiho, along with fellow members Brian and Kamden, were contestants on “Boys Planet” who, despite scoring high, did not make it into the final lineup of the show’s debut group, Zerobaseone. The group, consisting of seven members – Brian, Kamden, Jiho, Siyun, Kyrell, Mackiah, and Seungmo – has generated significant buzz with their entry into the K-pop scene.

Jiho shared his journey of four years as a trainee and his gratitude for the debut, especially after facing uncertainties about his future in the music industry. He recounted the advice from his mother during his trainee days, which added to his determination to succeed. Brian also expressed his motivation post “Boys Planet” and his ambition to make a lasting impression with AMPERSandONE.

The group’s debut single album, named “Ampersand One,” features three tracks: “On and On,” “Sweet and Sour,” and “Sheesh.” These songs encapsulate the themes of resilience in pursuit of dreams and the experience of first love, resonating with young adults’ experiences.

The debut of AMPERSandONE has sparked curiosity among music enthusiasts, particularly regarding its potential to replicate the success of Zerobaseone, a fellow K-pop group that emerged from “Boys Planet.” Zerobaseone has quickly risen in popularity, achieving impressive sales milestones with their debut and follow-up albums.

Siyun, another member of the group, highlighted AMPERSandONE’s distinctive appeal. He believes the group’s relatable lyrics and diverse cultural backgrounds of its members contribute to its unique charm and musical versatility.

The showcase concluded with Kamden expressing the group’s aspiration to win a rookie award, reflecting the high ambitions and hopes of AMPERSandONE in the competitive world of K-pop.