Cuba hosts international meeting on child protection

Around 200 Cuban and foreign specialists and researchers will debate issues related to the protection of children and adolescents on the context of the 4th International Conference “Proinfancia 2023”.

The participants will hold debates and exchanges of experiences until September 29th, which will contribute to raise a culture of communication on these issues, according to the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba (MININT), who convened the meeting, which was in turn sponsored by the office of the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF).

The gathering was preceded by three international conferences held in Havana in 2008, 2014 and 2017, with the participation of a total of 245 specialists and experts from various regions.

The debates will be centered on topics such as care for children and adolescents as provided by the new Cuban Family Code, the prevention of violence, the treatment and protection of child and adolescent offenders or victims, and the impact of social networks, the Internet, and an integral
training of minors.

According to Colonel Luciana Calixtro, second head of the Directorate of Care for Minors of the MININT, the conference is part of the Cuban State’s purpose of guaranteeing a family and social environment that may allow the full development of new generations in surroundings of happiness, love and understanding.

Calixtro pointed out that such a purpose is in line with the Constitution and the legislative system of the country, a signatory of numerous international agreements on the subject.


Source: Lao News Agency