Pitha” joins hands with Supapakorn MP to open a forum to listen to land problems of Phitsanulok residents.

“Pitha” joins hands with MP Supapakorn to open a forum to listen to land issues in Wat Bot District, Phitsanulok Province, pointing out that each government agency holds a different map – overlapping with people’s residences. Recommend that local authorities decide Reduce bottlenecks from the central sector

At Wat Bot, Wat Bot District, Phitsanulok Province, the Kao Klai Party opened a forum to listen to people’s land problems. There are representatives from local administrative organizations. Many government agencies and citizens came together to reflect on the problem.

Mr. Supapakorn Kittayathikun, MP for Phitsanulok District 5 (Chat Trakan, Nakhon Thai District, and Wat Bot), Kaew Klai Party, revealed that District 5 has a total area of ??5,132 square kilometers. It is considered a very large constituency. The area is equal to Ratchaburi Province, but that is not as much of a problem as being an area that is prohibited from development. Because it is in a forest area Make the development of public utili
ties Infrastructure Irrigation to serve the people is difficult and inadequate. There are also many people living in the forest reserve area. As a result, only about 20 percent of them have their own land rights documents.

While Mr. Pitha Limcharoenrat The chairman of the advisory board for the leader of the Kao Klai Party said that in the short term, he would first take the problems that people complained about and leave them with the Land Commission. of the House of Representatives Continue troubleshooting.

Point 2: We found that various government agencies Each person holds a map. This causes land to overlap, such as in many areas being reserved forests. But in reality it is a reserved forest. that looks deteriorated There are already people and communities living there. According to the numbers that the Land Committee has obtained, it is believed that there is a boundary according to the Reserved Forest Act. Over 60 million rai of which is looked after by the Forest Department, maintaining forest condit
ion, over 40 million rai has become degraded forest. It is a place for people to eat. And there is no more forest, approximately 21 million rai.

Therefore, we will push for local authorities to have the power to decide whether to allow the development of infrastructure systems such as electricity and water, rather than the Director-General of a department or minister sitting in Bangkok. To reduce bottlenecks in decision making

Mr. Pitha added that in the medium term, we found that the state holds enormous amounts of land throughout the country. But at the same time, the coup government also has a policy of reclaiming forests from the people. causing people to have less land Even though the state is still not using its own land in the most efficient way, we therefore propose that the state take the land it already holds and remanage it for maximum benefit. Maintain areas and restore forests from areas they own. A clear example is that about 12 million rai of state property nationwide is already owned by the
military. or the total area is equivalent to the entire province of Phitsanulok.

After the stage was finished listening to land issues. There were many people waiting to welcome and encourage Pitha and the party to move forward at Wat Bot Municipality Market. Pitha said thank you for the encouragement. In closing, he asked that we stand together and go forward and walk together. ‘Going forward without abandoning the people People do not give up and move forward’.

Source: Thai News Agency

Paving the way to expand opportunities in the Thai pomelo export market.

“Kenika” reveals the Ministry of Agriculture Continuing Thai-Japanese cooperation Move forward, paving the way to expand export market opportunities for all varieties of Thai pomelo. Increase export value

Ms. Kanika Aunjit, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Discussed with Mr. Hagiwara Hideki, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Export and International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. To strengthen academic cooperation and trade in agricultural products between each other even more. And there was an exchange of the status of opening agricultural markets between each other, such as various varieties of pomelo from Thailand.

It was agreed that there should be further discussion in the joint subcommittee meeting. and the meeting of the special joint subcommittee related to agriculture Under the framework of the Thailand-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (Japan-Thailand Economic Partn
ership Agreement: JTEPA) No. 14, which the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will host the meeting this year.

Ms. Kanika continued that this Thai-Japanese cooperation, if successful, will be considered a reduction of obstacles and a facilitation of trade. Help expand the export of pomelo to Japan. and create trade opportunities for Thai fruits in foreign markets This is good news for Thai pomelo farmers. This will allow Thailand to push and increase the value of exporting all varieties of pomelo to Japan.

Japan is Thailand’s second-largest agricultural export market, with a proportion of exports to Japan accounting for 10.07 percent of the value of agricultural exports to the world. In 2021, Thailand exported to Japan worth 146,717 million baht and in In 2022, the value increased to 170,235 million baht. In the past, the government has continuously promoted the export of Thai fruits to foreign markets. In consultation with Japanese agencies To push the export of all varieties of Thai pomelos.

e: Thai News Agency

NIDA Poll reveals that 40% of people do not agree with granting correctional authority to suspend sentences.

Bangkok, NIDA Poll reveals the results of a public survey on “Correctional Power and Post-Suspension Politics” regarding the power of the Department of Corrections to consider reducing or suspending sentences for prisoners.

After the court issued its judgment, it was found that 40.00 percent said they did not agree at all, followed by 19.47 percent said that they strongly agreed, 19.16 percent said that they did not agree, and 18.01 percent said that they somewhat agreed.

In terms of public opinion on consideration of sentence reduction or suspended sentence of the Department of Corrections There should be outside experts joining the committee. It was found that 41.69% of the sample said they strongly agreed, followed by 24.58% that they somewhat agreed, 24.27% said that they did not agree at all, and 8.70% that they did not quite agree.

Finally, when asked about people’s opinions about the political situation after “Thaksin Shinawatra” received a suspended sentence, it was found that a sample of 50.38 pe
rcent stated that “Thaksin Shinawatra” would play a role in advising the Pheu Thai Party. Next, 28.93 percent stated that the protest against “Thaksin Shinawatra” would not be able to spark into a large rally.

26.72 percent said that the Pheu Thai Party’s popularity will decrease due to the increasing role of “Thaksin Shinawatra.” 21.68 percent said that protests against “Thaksin Shinawatra” will be able to spark into large gatherings. 19.69 percent said that the fight The politics between the Pheu Thai Party and the Kao Klai Party will become more intense.

19.24 percent said there will be a cabinet reshuffle soon. 17.63 percent said Thaksin Shinawatra will no longer be involved in politics. 17.02 percent said Prime Minister Settha Thavisin will stay in office until the end of his term. and 14.43 indicate that Thailand will appear to have Two “Prime Ministers”, 12.21 percent, said that the center of political power remains at “Government House”: 11.15 percent said the center of political power will move to
“Ban Chan Song La”

11.07 percent said there would be a substitution. “Prime Minister” from Mr. Settha Thaweesin to “Ung Ink” Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, 9.54 percent, stated that the Pheu Thai Party’s approval rating will increase from the greater role of “Thaksin Shinawatra” 6.11 percent. Stated that the Pheu Thai Party and the Kao Klai Party will be more friendly.

Source: Thai News Agency

Sergeant Prasit asks to visit Thaksin

Bangkok, “Sergeant Prasit” appears in front of Chansongla’s house, asking to visit “Thaksin”, believing him to be a knowledgeable and capable person. I want you to come back and help develop the country. Tell people you don’t believe you’re sick. It’s a person who doesn’t open up.

Police Sergeant Prasit Chaisua, former member of the Surin Provincial House of Representatives, District 6, belongs to the Pheu Thai Party. Came to request to visit Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, and stated that he came to request to meet. to visit Mr. Thaksin Because he is a person with knowledge and ability since he accepted the position of Prime Minister. He was impressed by the policies that the Thai Rak Thai Party had in those days. And make people from the countryside live well and eat well. The most important thing is that the 30 baht project cures every disease. Being from the countryside, being poor, people who are sick. Many people also died. Because there is no money for medical treatment But when this p
roject comes in, it can help the poor. I was impressed. and have always loved and respected him until he had the opportunity to come and fight with the Red Shirts and applied to be an MP in Surin Province until becoming an MP under the name of the Pheu Thai Party I believe that the Pheu Thai Party Thai Rak Thai Party People Power Party It is a party that has policies that benefit the grassroots people the most.

As for today, there was no coordination to request a meeting. But had the opportunity to visit Mr. Thaksin When staying abroad many times He has always been kind to himself. Now he has been deprived of his political rights. but with love and respect that when he had the opportunity to return to Thailand, he was personally grateful to him. And the merit that has been done with the Thai people, especially the poor and the grassroots, therefore wanted to come and visit him. He emphasized that in the past, we had talked through private lines all along. And today, if I have the opportunity to meet you I wi
ll say that I am glad that you have the opportunity to come back to Thailand. Come back to your hometown I want you to maintain good health. Most importantly, local people still have confidence in Mr. Thaksin. that he returned to the political system with his knowledge, ability, and experience In the past, there have been discussions with leaders of many countries. This part will make Thailand prosper. and live well Like the current Prime Minister, Mr. Settha Thavisin, who has knowledge in doing business. Who are determined to work and earn money into the country to work non-stop and believe that if Mr. Thaksin and this government as well Our country will develop and make the economy better.

As for the return, it will be seen whether there will be two or more prime ministers. Police Sergeant Prasit stated that no, it was the idea of ??someone who disagreed. I don’t want to think about conflict. Want to develop the country Because Thailand has been traumatized for a long time. I don’t want the country to get
worse than this. If we work together to develop the country together Get knowledgeable people The ability to help is good or not. As for how there will be consultation, it depends on whoever has the knowledge and ability. Like Mr. Settha Went to meet many former prime ministers and wanted everyone to be open-minded. And let’s help develop the country and make the people live well.

As for the view that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra is the cause of the conflict, Police Sergeant Prasit said it was not the source of the conflict. Why not look back to the past 17-18 years, when Mr. Thaksin seized power? and an organization was set up to harm you You have to see what the cause is. The dissolution of the Thai Rak Thai Party People Power Party and will dissolve the Pheu Thai Party which was unilaterally dissolved The other party didn’t suffer anything. You have been treated with injustice from the beginning. And people thought, why don’t you come back and fight the case? But when I came back, I started fighting because tho
se people didn’t like me and didn’t open up. But I have to thank many people. Time has proven what is true and what is not. Many people have changed their minds to love.

As for if you were to return to a political position, what position would you like to hold? Police Sergeant Prasit stated that any position can be useful. If he can become Prime Minister in the future, it will be good because he has knowledge, ability, and will have good management power. If this is not possible or you do not accept this position I myself cannot speak for myself. Or it would be good to be a consultant. I believe that Mr. Thaksin Wherever you are, you can benefit.

Police Sergeant Prasit It also confirmed Mr. Thaksin’s illness that he was already old. When visiting foreign countries is sick with COVID-19. People who don’t believe they are sick It is a person who doesn’t open up and doesn’t like that the doctor has evidence of treatment and documents. People can say whatever they want. But the most important thing is the docto
r’s testimonial.

“Believe me, no officer or doctor would entrust their life and future to one person if it wasn’t true,” said Police Sergeant Prasit.

After that, Police Sergeant Prasit Came to the area in front of the house. and press the bell to request a meeting But there is no security guard. came to open the door so we could travel back.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Somsak” pushes to solve poverty with the 100,000 baht cattle project.

Bangkok, “Somsak” advises government inspection zones 12, 17, and 18 to collect water projects and present them to ONWR in order to request budget for other developments. Emphasizing that it will help alleviate poverty with the 100 billion cow project, believed to be raised for 4 years, worth 500 billion baht, preparing to push volunteer veterinarians, 1 person per subdistrict.

Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister, revealed that he had the opportunity to attend a meeting and follow government operations in the government inspection area. to be responsible with Government Inspection Area 12, Northeastern Central Region Group Kalasin Province, Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham, Roi Et, Government Inspection Area 17, Tak, Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Sukhothai, Uttaradit and Government Inspection Area 18, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan, Phichit, Uthai Thani. In this section, he has the authority to approve the allocation of the budget for the central fiscal year. List of reserve funds For emergencies or necessity to
government agencies

Mr. Somsak further said that he would like to thank the provincial governors of all 13 provinces who attended the meeting. and propose a project which is a matter of career Issues of infrastructure such as roads and water sources, both of which He wants to do as much as possible and sees that regarding water, he can request a budget from ONWR, which will create a budget in this area. It can be used to develop other areas. Therefore, ask the Inspector General. Help collect all water-related projects. To push it onto the Thai Water Plan website for ONWR to consider next steps.

‘Career promotion section To solve the problem of poverty I have pushed for the 100 billion cattle project. In each province there must be at least approximately 5,000 families by the provincial governor. and all related agencies We must help consider that. Which families are ready? and has the potential to raise cows From the 4 year pilot project, it is considered very successful. Therefore, we ask the province Help
provide training on artificial insemination. There will be volunteer veterinarians. I would like to have one person per sub-district so that there will be enough to take care of the members who raise cows. The Village Fund has 13 million members. If you start raising two animals, after four years you will have a total income of 500 billion baht,’ the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Mr. Somsak added that for poor families He would like to have training in household accounting. To know spending and saving Including finding additional income So he proposed the cow project. for additional income Other areas of agriculture He is happy to promote his career. Ready to be confident that If we don’t do anything about livestock People will not be able to escape. from poverty So he pushed hard. To improve the quality of life of the people.

Source: Thai News Agency

“Shinawatra family” eats food with “Thaksin”

Bangkok, “The Shinawatra family” is preparing to eat at the table with “Thaksin” today. As for the morning atmosphere, Found smoke in Ban Chan Song La. But officials were informed that they had come to spray mosquito repellent while “Sergeant Prasit”, a former MP, traveled to meet him.

Atmosphere at Ban Chan Song La Charansanitwong 69 since morning, no important people or family have arrived. Also yesterday, Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance He once gave an interview that Shinawatra family will come to eat with Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister today.

While last morning There were officials who came to spray mosquitoes inside the house of Chansongla. Until smoke billowed outside. causing the media who came to watch the movement in front of the entrance to have to run to see As for security, there are still police officers from Bang Phlat Police Station who periodically come to look at safety issues and provide convenience to the people.

Then at around 11:15 a.m., Poli
ce Sergeant Prasit Chaisua, former MP of Surin Province Came to visit Mr. Thaksin but did not make a prior appointment. I don’t know if the private parts will be found or not. In this regard, it was said to the media that Personally, I intend to visit Mr. Thaksin. Because he has always been a respected person. In the past, Mr. Thaksin has solved many problems for Thai people since the Thai Rak Thai Party era. and was impressed by the project 30 baht to cure all diseases Before the project, most Thai people were poor and rarely received proper treatment. Until such a project was created to help poor people.

In addition, personally, I also used to be Member of Parliament in the Surin area as well and has always fought politically, so came today to visit personally. and grateful that Mr. Thaksin has always helped the Thai people If it is found, I would like to tell you to take care of your health. And thank you for always doing a good job as Prime Minister. And we don’t like each other, we haven’t met today. Be
cause no matter what, we will always respect him. 317.

Source: Thai News Agency