The construction sector has expected that 65 percent of its workforce will be trained by 2020.

A survey showed that the number of construction workers who had attended college or vocational education only accounts for 11.8 percent, while the rate of high skilled workers only stands at 7 percent.

Although the number of trained workers has been on the rise, they have yet to meet the sector’s demand and there is a gap between their levels.

Experts pointed out that the fact is one of the reasons for low productivity, sluggish progress and poor quality of products, posing risks of reducing competitiveness both on domestic and foreign markets.

The construction sector’s demand for human resources is estimated to increase by 400,000-500,000 each year, bringing the total number to about 8-9 million in 2020.

President of the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association Tran Ngoc Hung said training programmes need to be revised to meet demands of the labour market and update new knowledge.

Vocational training establishments need to have policies and funds to improve their infrastructure to serve teaching activities, he added.

Source: China ASEAN Business Council