The Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 Official Opening and Light Up Ceremony and Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 Mass Lantern Walk will be held on Saturday, 23 September 2017 and Sunday, 1 October 2017 respectively.

In addition, the direction of vehicular traffic along Mosque Street shall be converted into a 2-way road during the stipulated period:

From 2.00 pm to 11.59 pm on Saturday, 23 September 2017;

From 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm on Sunday, 1 October 2017; and

From 8.30 pm to 11.59 pm on Sunday, 1 October 2017.

During the road closures, access will only be granted to police and emergency vehicles. Auxiliary Police officers will be deployed along the affected roads and junctions to assist and direct motorists.

Parking restrictions along the peripheral roads will be strictly enforced. Vehicles found parking and causing obstruction will be towed.

Members of the public may contact the organiser at 9067 2307 for further enquiries.

Source: Singapore Police Force