SAN FRANCISCO, September 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — TouchPal, a world leading keyboard app developer with over 200 million Android users, announced today that TouchPal Keyboard for iOS is officially launched along with iOS 8. It is available for download in Apple’s App Store as one of the first third-party keyboard apps for iOS.

Unlike Android, iOS didn’t support third-party keyboards for a long time. iOS users have been looking for sliding input, theme support and better prediction and correction. However, this has just changed — Apple announced support for third-party keyboard beginning with the eighth version of iOS.

Although multiple players revealed plans to develop keyboard apps for iOS 8, TouchPal was the first third-party keyboard running on iOS 8 with live demo. Since early June, TouchPal received thousands of beta test requests from its Twitter (@touchpal).

TouchPal Keyboard has many killing features compared to the iOS stock keyboard:

  • TouchPal Curve — You can slide through letters to form a word without lifting a finger. It significantly speeds up typing on touchscreen, especially when you hold your phone with one hand.
  • Better prediction and autocorrect — TouchPal’s patented prediction technology suggests what you’re most likely to type next with amazing accuracy. It also corrects your typos in a smarter way.
  • More themes — You can change the keyboard themes with various colors and backgrounds. If you have an iPhone 5c, you can also apply a theme color that matches your phone color.
  • Emoji support — You don’t need to switch to another keyboard to input Emoji. Pressing and holding the Enter key will bring up Emoji.

You can download it now for free from Apple’s App Store:

About TouchPal

TouchPal is one of the most popular keyboards in the world with over 200 million users. It was the Global Champion of 2009 GSMA Mobile Innovation Award and the Top 6 Finalist of TechCrunch Disrupt. As the inventor of mistyping correction, mixed language input, adaptive learning and sentence-based gesture input, TouchPal has over 50 issued or pending patents.

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