Ten women, aged between 26 to 39, were arrested under the Women's Charter for their suspected involvement in vice-related activities.

In September 2017, officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division raided 3 residential units in Punggol, Serangoon North, and Yishun areas. Following the arrests, cash amounting to S$580, and mobile phones were seized as case exhibits.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the women were believed to have advertised sexual services via online websites and conduct vice activities within the residential areas.

Investigations will also be carried out against the house owners.

Any person who contravenes the offence of being the tenant, lessee or occupier or person in charge of a brothel and the offence of keeping, managing or assisting in the management of a brothel under Section 148 of the Women's Charter, Chapter 353, are liable on conviction to a fine of up to a maximum of $10,000, or to imprisonment of up to five years, or both. In addition, any person who contravenes the offence of knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of the prostitution of another person, e.g. receiving rental earnings from the prostitutes, is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years and shall also be liable to a fine not exceeding S$10,000.

The Police will spare no effort in clamping down on online vice activities. The Police would also like to advise house owners to ensure that their tenants do not carry out vice activities in their units.

Source: Singapore Police Force