His Excellency Marcel Amon-Tanoh

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cote d'Ivoire,

His Excellency Dr. Yousef Ahmed Al-Othaimeen

Secretary-General of the OIC,

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Assalamua'laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you, Mr. Chairman, for convening the Annual Coordination Meeting, which will provide a platform to exchange views and renew our commitments for the betterment of our Organisation and the Ummah.

Mr. Chairman,

2. This year marks half a century of brutal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel. Since June 1967, Israel's ruthless policies of land confiscation, illegal settlements and dehumanizing treatment of the Palestinians without legal and political recourse, had created destitution, frustration and hopelessness.

3. The two-state solution is like a desert mirage in the minds of the peacemaker. But as you move towards it, it is only a visual illusion.

4. Malaysia is shocked and deplores the latest developments in East Jerusalem. The blatant disregard of UNSC resolution 2334 (2016) by Israel to push forward with the plan to construct 4,000 new settlement units in the occupied city of Al-Quds, deserves the strongest condemnation from the international community.

5. Malaysia calls upon the international community to abide and uphold the principles of the UN and to treat Israel and others who committed crimes against humanity equally. The international community should not be unashamedly silent on Israel while passionately take on other regimes in a discriminatory approach.

6. Malaysia reiterates the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people to establish an independent and sovereign State of Palestine with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

7. Malaysia commends the efforts undertaken by the OIC Member States, particularly its various contributions in support of the Palestinian cause under the Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF). Since 1976 until 2017, the total amount of contributions to support Palestine and its people, has reached more than USD 26 million. Indeed, this reflects the commitment and steadfastness of the OIC and its Member States in supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Mr. Chairman,

8. Malaysia is gravely concerned at the indiscriminate violence perpetrated against the Rohingyas in Rakhine State since 25 August 2017. It has resulted in the tragic loss of countless innocent lives. Such atrocities have unleashed a humanitarian crisis and caused more than 400,000 Rohingyas to flee their homes and cross the border into Bangladesh. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the noble efforts of Bangladesh to address the plight of the Rohingyas. In this regard, I call upon all OIC Member States to continue to extend assistance to the Rohingyas.

9. If the current situation is not addressed, these desperate people will become easy targets for recruitment and radicalisation by extremists.

10. I therefore call upon the Myanmar Government to end the violence and allow immediate and unimpeded access for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The root causes of the conflict must be addressed if we are to attain a lasting solution.

Mr. Chairman,

11. The OIC represents the voice of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Sadly, some parts of the Muslim world are embroiled in conflicts. We must be wary of the misguided ideology brought forth by the Daesh, in seeding extremism and militancy, that aims to poison our younger generation.

12. We must stand together in condemning the heinous and abhorrent acts of violence and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. We must deny them sanctuary and resources in the global fight against the Daesh.

13. As a country that believes and promotes the concept of wasatiyya, we hold strongly to the values of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. The resolution of conflicts must remain our priority. We must endeavour to make the OIC a platform to unite the Muslim Ummah and maintain the spirit of fraternity and solidarity.

14. As a founding member of the Organisation, Malaysia believes in the noble objectives of the OIC, in contributing to international peace and security. In this connection, we will continue to play our role as the facilitator for the peace process in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines. It is our hope that our involvement in resolving these conflicts will contribute to the security and stability of the region.

15. In conclusion, I would like to reaffirm Malaysia's commitment and support to the objectives and principles of the OIC towards uplifting the well-being of the Muslim Ummah.

Thank you.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia