I refer to the ASEAN Chairman's Statement on the Humanitarian Situation in Rakhine State which was issued on 23 September 2017 in New York.

Malaysia would like to dissociate itself with the Chairman's Statement as we are of the view that it is a misrepresentation of the reality of the situation. In this regard, Malaysia has made known its concerns but they were not reflected in the Chairman's Statement. Hence, the Chairman's Statement was not based on consensus. The statement also omits the Rohingyas as one of the affected communities.

While Malaysia condemns the attacks against Myanmar security forces on 25 August 2017 launched by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), the subsequent 'clearance operations' efforts by Myanmar authorities was disproportionate in that it has led to deaths of many innocent civilians and caused more than 400,000 Rohingyas to be displaced.

We express grave concerns over such atrocities which have unleashed a full-scale humanitarian crisis that the world simply cannot ignore but must be compelled to act upon.

We strongly urge the Government of Myanmar to end the violence, stop the destruction to lives and properties, allow immediate unimpeded access for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Rohingyas and all affected communities, and to resolve the Rohingya refugee problem. Viable and long-term solutions to the root causes of the conflict must be found in order for the Rohingyas and the affected communities to be able to rebuild their lives. We also urge Myanmar to fulfil its commitment to immediately implement the recommendations of the final report of the Advisory Commission of the Rakhine State.

Malaysia on its part has dispatched humanitarian aid to Bangladesh on 9 September 2017 and will continue to do more.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia