Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong urged all Singaporeans to work together and focus on reducing the population of the Aedes mosquito in Singapore. This would effectively contain the local transmission of Zika in the community. He made these remarks during a visit to the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) this morning.

Mr Gan also reiterated that it was only a matter of time before the Zika virus reached Singapore. This is given the presence of the Aedes mosquito and Singapore's status as a travel hub with a large volume of international travellers. Government agencies have been well-prepared for this eventuality, and they sprang into action to contain the spread of the virus as soon as the first case was discovered.

Currently, testing for the Zika virus is conducted at CDC's National Public Health Laboratory. Mr Gan thanked the staff of the laboratory for their tireless work round-the-clock over the past few days in identifying positive Zika cases.

Members of the public are urged to seek a doctor's advice should they have symptoms similar to Zika.

Source: Government of Singapore