SINGAPORE, Singapore is the fourth most expensive city for expatriates, up one spot from last year's ranking, according to the latest Cost of Living Survey published by global HR consulting firm, Mercer, The Business Times (BT) online portal reported.

Hong Kong tops the table as the world's costliest city for working overseas, followed by Tokyo and Zurich.

Mercer's global mobility practice leader for Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Mario Ferraro said currency fluctuations and inflation for goods and services drive up the cost of living in Asian cities.

"Singapore has climbed up one notch in the cost of living rankings from the last year, this is balanced off with high salaries and a stable economy."

Asian cities lead the top 10 when it comes to the cost of living for expatriates by taking six of the top spots in Mercer's annual ranking.

Also in the top 10 most expensive cities are Luanda (6), N'Djamena (8) and Bern (10).