The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, H.E Kang Chol, today (20 February 2017) to seek an explanation on the accusations he made against the Government of Malaysia in his press conference on 17 February 2017. The Ambassador met with the Deputy Secretary General for Bilateral Affairs, H.E Ambassador Raja Nushirwan Zainal Abidin.

In his press conference, the Ambassador of the DPRK insinuated that with respect to the death of a Korean national on 13 February 2017, the Malaysian Government had "something to conceal". The Ambassador also alleged that Malaysia was "colluding and playing into the gallery of external forces".

The Ministry emphasised that as the death occurred in Malaysian soil under mysterious circumstances, it is the responsibility of the Malaysian Government to conduct an investigation to identify the cause of death. This investigation has been conducted in the manner prescribed by Malaysian law.

The Embassy was informed that the death had been classified as sudden death and as such, a post-mortem would have to be carried out. The Embassy has also been informed that once the investigation are concluded, the body would be handed to the next of kin in accordance with existing Malaysian laws and procedures.

The Malaysian Government has been transparent. The Embassy has been kept informed of developments related to the matter as well as the processes involved under Malaysian law.

For these reasons, the Malaysian Government views the criticism made by the Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as baseless.

The Malaysian Government takes very seriously any unfounded attempt to tarnish its reputation.

The Malaysian Ambassador in Pyongyang has been recalled to Kuala Lumpur for consultations.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia