President Moon Jae-in met with Chen Miner, the governor and Communist Party secretary of Chongqing, in the southwest Chinese city on Dec. 16.

President Moon expressed his appreciation for Chongqing's efforts to protect the historic sites of Korea's independence movement, such as the building that used to house the provisional government offices.

He said that expanded business cooperation between Korea and Chongqing City would greatly contribute to helping China develop its western region and achieve balanced development, and that his administration would work hard toward that goal, too.

President Moon said, When Korean independence fighters wandered across China, they received much support from Chongqing citizens. The hearts of both Koreans who aimed to get their country back and those of the Chinese who vowed to protect their country were the same, which together created today's inseparable relations between our two peoples, he said.

Governor Chen said, Chongqing will play a special role in the friendship and cooperation between China and Korea.

The Chongqing governor vowed to provide active support for research and protection for historic artifacts from the Korean independence movement that exist in the city and for Korean companies that want to start business in the city.

Source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism