The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has warned jobseekers looking for overseas job against supposed job openings for healthcare professionals in Germany.

POEA issued the warning following reports that a certain Meine Agentur 24 has been recruiting nurses and other healthcare professionals for jobs in Germany.

After a series of validation, POEA found Meine Agentur 24's job posting in its website and Facebook page to be non-existent. The company listed its address in Leipzig, Germany.

The Philippine Embassy in Berlin also reported that the said recruiter does not appear in the online registry of businesses in that country.

POEA also found no record of a Meine Agentur 24 recruiter in its database for the roster of legitimate accredited foreign employers.

The website and Facebook page of Meine Agentur 24 were said to post advertisements of hiring and accepting applicants for nursing and healthcare jobs and offer a course for nursing staff to prepare them for employment in Germany.

The company was said to be charging applicants Euros 5,425 to cover the cost of studying the German language and nursing school training.

The recruiter also reportedly require applicants to acquire and shoulder their own visa and have Euros 5,360 in a bank account to cover the cost of their 20-month stay in Germany, including expenses for food, accommodation, clothing, and transportation.

The POEA is reminding overseas jobseekers not to fall victims of illegal recruiters by applying only through the Triple Win Project or with licensed Philippine recruitment agencies.

Source: Department Of Labor and Employment Republic of Philippines