LOS ANGELES - The Philippine Consulate General hosted a welcome reception for the Philippine National Police (PNP) participants of the Public Safety Officers Senior Executive Course (PSOSEC) Class 2015-04 and Class 2016-01 headed by Police Superintendent Arnold P. Ardiente on January 25.

Their counterparts from the Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also attended the reception.

The 12 PSOSEC participants are in Los Angeles for a training program to enhance their expertise and capabilities when they assume higher command positions in provincial, regional, and national levels in the Philippine National Police.

In addressing the group, Consul Ambrosio Brian F. Enciso III remarked that this long-standing program is a testament to the depth of the mutually-beneficial cooperation between the Philippines and the United States.

He also encouraged the Philippine delegates to do everything in their power to apply the best practices they will learn during the course to benefit law enforcement in the Philippines.

Special Agent Michael C. Dehncke who led the delegation from the FBI Los Angeles Field Office said that he feels the US law enforcement officials learn so much from the Filipino delegates and that implementing this program has brought so much goodwill between Filipino and American officials, which facilitates cooperation between both sides in fighting crime.

This partnership between the PNP and the FBI is on its 12th year, and has resulted in a deeper law-enforcement cooperation between the Philippines and the U.S. This is the 1st batch for the year 2017 received by the Consulate General in Los Angeles. END.

Source: Republic of Philippines Department Of Foreign Affairs