WASHINGTON STATE - The Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco conducted a consular mission at the Nurture Center in Tacoma, Washington from February 02 to 04.

Vice Consul Carlyn A. Monastrial led the team that processed the following services: 195 ePassport renewals; four lost regular passports, one Travel Document, and one extension.

For notarials, the team processed 21 Acknowledgements, 30 Authentications, and six Certifications/Affidavits.

The team also processed 12 Reports of Marriage, and 11 Reports of Birth, while seventeen (17) people reacquired Philippine citizenship, with two (2) minor derivatives.

The consular team registered 142 new overseas voters, four transfers, and one reactivation.

The nine-person team was assisted by volunteers organized by the Filipino Community Alliance of Tacoma, headed by Ms. Gina Gevero O'Neill. Volunteers assisted in the pre-processing of documents and maintained order in the course of the outreach.

Source: Republic of Philippines Department Of Foreign Affairs