TAUNGGYI, MYANMAR - Philippine Ambassador to Myanmar Alex G. Chua participated in the 2017 Shan State Investment Fair at the Royal Taunggyi Hotel at the Shan State Capital, Taunggyi on February 10.S

The Myanmar Government seeks to promote investment in the Shan State in the Agriculture and Livestock, Mining, Tourism, and Infrastructure Sectors. In a separate meeting with U Kyaw Win (Union Minister for Planning and Finance), Dr. Linn Htut (Chief Minister of Shan State), Keiichiro Nakazawa (Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency), and other Shan State Officials, Ambassador Chua echoed that the Shan State is ripe for investment for foreign companies including the Philippines.

Ambassador Chua also met with Deputy Director General Aye Ko Ko of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Irrigation to discuss the deepening of agricultural cooperation with Philippine companies specially Hybrid-Rice seed production and promotion.

The Investment Fair was co-organized by the Myanmar Investment Commission, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the Shan State Government. END

Source: Republic of Philippines Department Of Foreign Affairs