On Demand Storage: A Business of Selling “space”

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HONG KONG, Feb. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Receiving capital injection of more than 10 million US dollars from GGV Capital, an international investment fund who funded famous enterprises like Pandora, Alibaba, and Flipboard, Mini Koala Limited had its grand launch in Hong Kong this year. Their product, AirBox, is aiming at solving the overcrowded living environment problem in Hong Kong by providing a breakthrough mobile storage service at anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

The Hong Kong Market

Many believe Hong Kong’s monopolized business environment barely makes room for start-ups. But Sean, founder of Mini Kola, doesn’t agree. He takes advantage of Mini Koala’s recent capital injection and proudly brings Mini Koala to Hong Kong. He sees Hong Kong as a gateway to Asia and as a headquarter to expand to other markets. He also hopes AirBox can provide Hong Kong people a bigger and better home. "Through the use of technology, we can provide a lot of flexibility that wasn’t available before," Sean said.

To begin with, customers can enjoy simple booking, management and transportation services through AirBox online system and Mobile App. AirBox comes to customers’ doors to provide storage services, and will re-deliver stored items when the customers need. Customer can even share their stored goods with their friends to use.

Secondly, unlike most of the storage services in the existing market, AirBox doesn’t require their client to sign a fixed contract, make a prepayment, or pay expensive transportation fees. Instead, charges are calculated only base on how much space the customer uses ($49/box/month).

Last but not least, each AirBox has an embedded Bluetooth lock – first in the world – that is linked to its bank-level security system, allowing user to check on the location, status of the AirBox and unlock each AirBox through their app. In other word, it is realizing the remote control with App.

Being a "down-to-earth" entrepreneur

Sean is an American born Chinese (ABC) who obtained his Bachelor Degree and Master Degree from Harvard University. He had worked at the US White House and at top tiered consulting company McKinsey&Co. But Sean chose to give those up for the tough road of starting his own business. Talking about this decision, Sean explained, "I want to create something with my own hands that change the way we live, even just a little bit." Sean believes being an entrepreneur is not just about sitting on an executive chair and simply making phone calls, but about rolling up your sleeves. "When we started, we were doing surveys on the street", Sean said, "most of the people wouldn’t stop to help us, but they didn’t stop us — we were so excited by anyone who would help us, or give us advice."

Talking about the future development, before expanding the service to other cities, Sean now focuses on perfecting the service without lift. "Live small, dream big. That’s my philosophy," he claimed.

Website: www.airbox.hk

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