NEW YORK CITY - ATN Officers from the Philippine Consulate General in New York delivered a check worth US$1,400 for the family of OFW Marianne Baun on February 06.

Ms. Baun, a Physical Therapist working in one of the hospitals in the US state of Connecticut, was seriously injured in a vehicular accident that occurred last January 10, 2017. She was comatose for several weeks, and remains confined to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. She has been gradually recovering.

The check was handed over to Mr. Gumersindo Baun, Ms. Baun's husband. Gumersindo himself is also recovering from the effects of emergency surgery, as he was also in the car that was involved in the accident. Mr. Baun was also seriously injured, but to a lesser extent than his wife.

Ms. Baun entered the United States as an -B (temporary skilled worker) in 2014. The couple has three children living with them in the United States. As the sole breadwinner of the family, Marianne's inability to work has put a severe strain on the family's resources. Her husband appealed to the Philippine government for any assistance they could get.

The Department of Foreign Affairs' Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs (OUMWA) quickly authorized assistance for the subsistence of the Baun family, noting that aside from the spouses, there are three children who need the support.

Mr. Baun expressed his thanks for the government's assistance, noting that the amount will go a long way in supporting the family during the period that he and his wife were recovering from the injuries they had sustained. END

Source: Republic of Philippines Department Of Foreign Affairs