Woodlands Police Division was officially opened by Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law Mr K Shanmugam on 12 March 2019. Woodlands Police Division commenced operations on 25 November 2018 and is the seventh Police Land Division in Singapore. Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Chan (???) was officially appointed as the Commander of Woodlands Police Division at the event.

New Police Division will better serve the needs of a growing population

The Woodlands Police Division will enable the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to better serve the needs of residents and businesses in the northern part of Singapore, especially with the development of the Woodlands Regional Centre. Together with Ang Mo Kio and Jurong Police Divisions, Woodlands Police Division will serve the needs of a growing population in the Northern, North-East and Western parts of Singapore, including new estates in Tengah and Punggol.

Transforming Police services

As part of SPF's transformation journey, Woodlands Police Division is the first Police Division to introduce redesigned workflow processes and tech-enabled systems to enhance the provision of policing services to the public (see Annex for further details). These changes allow Police officers to deliver more efficient services to members of the public.


Redesigned Workflow Processes and Tech-Enabled Systems

1. The new Woodlands Police Division's triaging system provides members of the public who lodge their reports onsite with a more streamlined process:

a. Upon entering the lobby, members of the public will be greeted by the Integrated Queue Management System (IQMS) kiosk, where they can indicate the purpose of their visit.

b. Based on the services they require, they may either opt for self-help options or request to be assisted by an officer.

c. Self-help options are available via the self-help kiosks and the Found Property Drop Box.

Members of the public can lodge e-reports via the kiosks, without the need to see an officer. This service will be particularly beneficial for residents with no internet access, and reduces their waiting times when lodging reports in person.

The Found Property Drop Box will enable members of the public to conveniently register and hand over found properties, without the need for them to see an officer. These boxes have also been rolled out at various Neighbourhood Police Posts, and will be progressively rolled out to all NPCs.

2. The improved self-help kiosks and redesigned frontline counters of Woodlands Police Division ensure a more seamless customer experience:

i. If members of the public require face-to-face assistance from a Police officer, the IQMS kiosk will dispense a queue ticket and they will be guided to proceed to Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) located in the same building.

The IQMS allows members of the public to register their mobile numbers, so that they can receive SMS alerts on their queue status. This gives them the flexibility to attend to other matters, before returning to the NPC when their turns are approaching, thereby allowing more efficient use of the waiting time.

Those who already have a scheduled appointment with an Investigation Officer will be guided to the Investigation Branch Service Centre, while those who are there for bail purposes will be guided to the Bail Bond Centre.

a. The interface of the self-help kiosks provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide members of the public in the report lodging process.

b. More verification options are also available. Previously, members of the public could only use their SingPass to lodge reports. However, they now have the option to also use their identification cards, work permits or passports.

c. Redesigned frontline counters. Private report rooms provide privacy to members of the public, especially those lodging reports of a sensitive nature.

Source: Singapore Police Force