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TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced the launch of nxTOONS, its new digital platform for original kids content and edutainment. As part of the launch, NAS debuted the new nxTOONS animated series Out of This Word, available exclusively on YouTube.

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Out of this Word follows two adopted siblings, Max and Moon, as they explore and learn common English idioms such as “sleep tight” and “put a sock in it.” Max, a curious cat, often takes idioms literally. Moon, a smart and logical bunny, happily explains to Max the history behind these phrases.

The first season of Out of This Word consists of 26 one-minute long episodes. Three new episodes will be available for the launch of nxTOONS, followed by two episodes weekly. The characters Max and Moon are voiced by Nathan Sung and Sonia Fan, students from the Taipei American School.

NAS is known for its news animations and fast production pipeline. The studio can produce 30 seconds of animation in less than 2.5 hours. The nxTOONS series are produced using this innovative animation pipeline, which can create one episode every two days.

“Creating original kids IP has long been a mission for the company,” Chief Executive Officer Indra Suharjono said. “We are committed to producing 500 micro-episodes in the coming year. Establishing our own digital channel allows us to interact directly and respond quickly to audiences, both in terms of content development and community interaction. Our studio has been very successful with our news animations on YouTube and we hope nxTOONS will continue that success.”

“We are currently in the process of creating three future series for nxTOONS,” said Chief Creative Officer Matthew Duntemann. “It’s been an eye-opener working with a studio that can develop content so quickly; Out of This Word was developed in three months. The speed is a huge advantage, as it allows us to create and experiment with many ideas simultaneously.”

New original series and children’s songs will be added to the nxTOONS channel this year. Subscribe now to nxTOONS and watch new episodes of Out of This Word and more original content in the future:

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