Majority of retail establishments in malls in the National Capital Region are compliant with the policy on the use of comfortable footwear by their workers, which is one of the measures to address the risks of prolonged standing at work.

In a report to Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III, the NCR regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment said yesterday its field officials inspected 2,617 establishments on Sunday and found 2,011 of them already complying with DOLE's order against the compulsory use of high heeled shoes for women employees.

Late last month, Bello issued Department Order 178 directing establishments to allow women workers to wear appropriate and well-fitting footwear in the workplace.

Bello's order prescribes that the footwear must not pinch the feet or toes and non-slipping. It also provides that the footwear must have adequate cushion and support to the arch of the feet.

The same department order also set other safety and health measures that the establishments must strictly observe to include provision of sufficient rest breaks for workers, including the presence of accessible seats; installation of appropriate floorings or mats for the workplace, and tables or work surfaces with adjustable heights.

D.O. 178 was issued to address the occupational health and safety concerns related to the wearing of high-heeled shoes for women employees and prolonged standing at work.

It covers workers in retail and service industries; assembly lines; teachers, and security personnel.

Source: Department Of Labor and Employment Republic of Philippines