PISA, ITALY - Mayor of Pisa Marco Filippeschi, praised the Filipino community in his city for being "fully integrated" into the Italian society. Mayor Filippeschi expressed his appreciation of the Filipino community in Pisa to Consul General Adrian Bernie Candolada, who called on him on February 18 during the Philippine Embassy in Rome's two-day consular outreach in Pisa.

The mayor expressed his interest to collaborate with the Embassy on several activities in time for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of formal diplomatic relations this year between the Philippines and Italy.

Filipino community president Efren Mamplata informed the Embassy that the office of Mayor Filippeschi had appreciated the initiative of the Filipino community in Pisa to join the fund-raising activities intended to help victims of natural disasters such as the earthquake that hit Sardinia in 2015.

The Embassy's consular outreach team processed 506 passport applications, 19 Reports of Birth, 121 membership applications for Overseas Workers Welfare Fund, and 95 for the Social Security System during the consular outreach.

Source: Republic of Philippines Department Of Foreign Affairs