Malaysia initiates anti-dumping probe on fiber cement board products from Indonesia

The Malaysian government said Monday that it has initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imports of cellulose fiber reinforced cement flat and pattern sheet or fiber cement board (FCB) from Indonesia.

Its Ministry of international Trade and Industry (MITI) said in a statement that the investigation was conducted after it received a petition from domestic producer UAC, who alleged that imports of FCB from Indonesia are being dumped into Malaysia at a price much lower than their domestic selling price.

It was also claimed that dumped imports of FCB from the alleged country have increased in terms of absolute quantity and have caused material injury to the domestic industry in Malaysia producing the like product.

"The government has considered the prima facie evidence of dumping, injury and causal link and decided to initiate an anti-dumping investigation on imports of FCB from the alleged country," said MITI.

A preliminary determination will be made within 120 days from the date of initiation, and if the preliminary determination is affirmative, the Malaysian government will impose a provisional anti-dumping duty at the rate that is necessary to prevent further injury to the domestic industry, according to the statement.

Source: China ASEAN Business Council