Joint MOH-NEA media statement

As of 12pm, 29 August, MOH has confirmed 15 more cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Singapore.

Two cases work at the construction site at 60 Sims Drive and have recovered. 13 cases live or work in the broader Sims Drive/ Aljunied Crescent area.

The two cases at the Sims Drive construction site were detected as a result of MOH's look-back and testing of potentially infected persons. As of today, MOH has completed testing of all workers at the construction site who had symptoms of fever and rash previously. We are also screening workers staying at the dormitories located in the areas of concern.

MOH will continue to work with GPs in the area to offer testing for patients who had fever and rash previously. The look-back exercise will likely uncover more previously undiagnosed cases of Zika.

Vector control operations

As of 28 August, NEA has inspected about 3,600 premises out of an estimated 6,000 premises in the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive cluster to check for mosquito breeding, and also conducted ground checks in the vicinity. 36 breeding habitats - comprising 22 in homes and 14 in common areas/other premises - have been detected and destroyed. NEA has also inspected the on-site workers quarters at the construction site at Sims Drive.

NEA officers and grassroots volunteers have completed the first round of outreach efforts in the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive cluster, to distribute Zika information leaflets, and we will be continuing with outreach to raise general awareness of Zika, reiterate the need for source reduction to prevent mosquito breeding, and advise residents to apply repellent as precaution.

NEA has also commenced vector control operations in areas of concern. These are areas where cases from the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive cluster work or live. There is currently no evidence of local transmission in these areas of concern. NEA has commenced inspections at the dormitories/residences at Kranji Road, Senoko South Road, Lor 101 Changi, Toh Guan Road East and Joo Chiat Place. One breeding has been detected and destroyed at the dormitory at Kranji. NEA has also inspected more than 900 premises at Sembawang Drive, and detected and destroyed one breeding in a residence in that area. Thermal fogging, misting and indoor spraying of insecticides have been carried out at the inspected premises.

Source: Ministry of Health, Singapore