Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said on Monday that President Joko Widodo had received greetings from about 40 heads of states over his re-election, conveyed through conventional diplomatic procedures and social media.

Besides conveying their greetings over the president’s re-election, the heads of states from foreign countries also congratulated Indonesia for the successful elections, the minister said.

Retno said the greetings were stated through postings on social media like Twitter, while some others were delivered through phone calls and official diplomatic letters that take longer delivery time.

She estimated there would be more greetings for Widodo coming from more heads of states through official diplomatic letters or from other ways in the near future.

Commenting on the election riots, the Indonesia foreign minister said that the international community regarded it in a controllable situation.

The Indonesian police are intensifying investigations into the riots which have claimed eight lives and injured 800 others. Police have declared suspects as well as those identified as masterminds of the riots.

Widodo won his re-election with 55.5 percent of votes, higher than his rival Prabowo Subianto who earned 44.5 percent of votes.

The sworn-in for President Widodo to continue his presidency until 2024 is scheduled in October this year after all legal aspects related to his re-election are entirely fulfilled.

Source: China � ASEAN Business Council