Between January and June 2017, the number of youths arrested had decreased by 14.2% to 1279 when compared to the same period last year. While this is an encouraging sign, the Police have noticed an upward trend in youths being arrested for two specific crimes – shop theft; and possession of offensive weapons.


To create greater awareness on the consequences of committing these crimes, Community Policing Unit (CPU) officers from the Neighbourhood Police Centres stepped up community engagement rounds between 14 and 28 August 2017 in areas where youths frequent, such as shopping malls, basketball courts, street soccer courts and parks. Over 4000 youths were engaged during this period.


During the engagements, CPU officers provided information on what may lead to the two offences and how to prevent themselves from infringing the law. Youths were advised that they should not let themselves or their friends succumb to temptation or peer pressure to steal. They were also reminded that acting as a look-out while their friends shoplift would also make them liable for the offence. On the possession of offensive weapons, CPU officers emphasized that carrying dangerous items such as knuckle dusters in public is an offence.


Besides engaging the youths, the Police worked closely with schools to widen outreach to the youths. Crime advisories were issued to schools for dissemination to the students, to advise them to steer clear from crimes. The Police will continue to engage and educate youths on the consequences of crime.

Source: Singapore Police Force

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