FRANKLY, this is one of the few things I admire about Rodrigo Duterte—his intended creation of a revolutionary government. Another is his apparent determination of ridding the country of a number of bad elements, from drug lords to drug distributors and drug manufacturers to drug pushers. He is also bent on rehabilitating the drug users as well as eliminating graft and corruption and criminality.

But for now, it is all saliva, big mouth, a lot of braggadocio and barangay theater. The crowds are lapping up all these. As the democratic cliché goes—the people get the government they deserve and a leader they deserve. It seems as though Duterte and the people are in each other’s embrace. I pray, for the sake of the country, that the intense love affair goes beyond the honeymoon period. In a democracy patterned after America, the honeymoon period lasts for 100 days. Beyond that, it is a total reexamination of theory vis-à-vis practice.

Will Duterte declare a revolutionary govt?

Duterte’s Davao boys say he is unpredictable. They also maintain that he knows what he is doing. But does he know what he is saying? If he knows, why the hell he makes a damnable habit to apologize for many things that he says? Does this not deliver a message that his mouth is undisciplined and his heart and brains are unbridled? Discipline is the name of the game for successful national leadership. Maybe in Davao City, it is not; but in the country, it is.

There are precedents in this country. The absence of discipline in the waning days of the Marcos government proved fatal to the fate of President Marcos. The lack of discipline of President Erap and his boys led to the fall of Erap in a day. So braggarts of all types do not graduate to the category of God. All of us are human and we are subject to the same normal human vulnerabilities, and Duterte and his boys are no exceptions.

So we must all wait for June 30, when he assumes the presidency. All we can do now is speculate. Speculations, especially if you do not know the man well, can likely go awry.

But I will hazard some speculative thoughts on what Duterte will do as soon as he assumes power. Judging from the composition of his Cabinet and other officials who will wield power in his administration, I do not think he will declare a revolutionary government in the initial stages of his administration. He is trying to play footsy with Congress. He has now reversed himself by saying that he is a man of the law. He has become nice Rody.

There is nothing nice about a revolutionary. Thus far, the only revolutionary thing about Rody is his mouth and the conscription into his close circles of members of the moribund CPP-NPA-NDF. Other than these, I do not see any revolutionary characteristics of the man.

So my speculation is that he will not declare a revolutionary government as he promised.
But this is nothing new. Politicians, as a rule, cannot be trusted with promises. They honor them by their breaches than by their performance and good old Rody is no exception, he exemplifies the rule. Of course, I could be wrong because I have been wrong many a time before as I am not God. Probably god-man Rody could be right because Duterte thinks himself as God just like his self-proclaimed religious confessor, a certain Quiboloy who is known publicly to claim that he is the son of God.

Of course, both claims are absolute nonsense because Rody or President-elect Duterte or Quiboloy can never be God or son of God till Hell freezes over. I know that, you know that, they know that!

Martial law or emergency powers

The most recent idiotic legal nonsense introduced by some senators and some top-level officials of the military and the police is for the President to secure emergency powers or declare martial law in Abu Sayyaf country; if the President or his secretary of justice knows his law, you don’t have to do either to pound the Abu out of existence. The President has vast powers to demolish the Abu or any rebel group. The suggestion of the senators is to make the President beholden to them. Moreover, the advice is not a solution; it is a palliative. And there is where the mistake lies—the senators want the President to owe them a favor.

The answer of Duterte to this idiotic advice should be to declare a revolutionary government: send the senators and congressmen, the generals of the PNP and AFP to the island of Danding Cojuangco, with PNoy as their bastonero—Bugsok. Let them enjoy their sabbatical. After all, this projected move has a precedent during the time of President Suharto, of Indonesia, who sent the enemies of the State to Buro Island. To make the stay of the senators and the group worthwhile, Duterte should assign Kris and Ballsy Aquino, Korina Roxas, Vicky Morales and other media announcers as coffee girls and hula dancers with Boy Abunda as the main dancer.

These people are creatures of the system. They are impediments to change as the drug lords, traditional politicians in all levels, economic moguls, the smugglers, drug lords, and criminals of all types and kinds. This is just the beginning. Duterte can deal with others as he moves along.

This way, Duterte will get the thunderous applause and approval of the people. This is real change. But if Duterte refuses to do it because he is nothing but a traditional politician, he will likely be thrown out of office by the people with thunderous derision—Duterte TM!

The CPP-NPA-NDF accommodation

I think this is a serious mistake of Duterte. Resuscitating this group, which is moribund if not at the edge of the burial ground, will wreak more havoc in the Philippines than bring peace and security. For Bebot Bello and Jess Dureza to go to Norway to talk with the walking dead is weird.

It could only be explained if Duterte is a communist or a fellow traveler. There are indications that he is probably either. His TV program in Davao City, “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” (From the Masses, for the Masses) is a famous Mao Tse Tung or Mao Zedong line, depending on your preference. No Roman Catholic would take pleasure in cursing the Pope and the Catholic Church. No Roman Catholic delights in libidinous and immoral announcements.

Jun Pala was projected as the community leader who demolished the communists in Agdao, known as Nicaragdao, Davao City. A number of people credit Duterte for the demise of Pala. It is understandable since CPP-NPA loves Duterte and vice-versa. It is known in knowledgeable circles that the Chinese moguls in Davao supported Duterte to the hilt. It seems that the world of Duterte has familiar colors as those of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Since Duterte quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, he must be a duck. So the proliferation of Commies in his Cabinet is no surprise; it is a confirmation—that Duterte is a Maoist ideologue.

But Maoism is a thing of the past. If he is an observer of international developments, he should know that the Red Book is disappearing, even in China. PRC has been for sometime now an exponent of two systems in one country. Maybe Duterte is going to adopt the Deng ideology. Welcome to the Philippines as a province of China. Goodbye to the West Philippine Sea.

Source: Manila Time