China Donated 100 Commuter Buses To Help Syrians In Economic Woes


DAMASCUS, Jun 30 (NNN-SANA) – Syria, yesterday, received the second batch of 100 commuter buses, donated by China, as part of the Chinese efforts to help improve the livelihood of Syrians, during the difficult times the country is going through.

Chinese Ambassador to Syria, Feng Biao and Syrian Minister of Local Administration and Environment, Hussein Makhlouf, attended the delivery ceremony in the capital, Damascus, during which they signed the delivery note and took a short tour in one of the new buses.

Feng told reporters during the ceremony that the donation of the buses aims to boost the livelihood of the Syrian people amid the tough economic circumstances the country is going through.

He hoped that Syria’s future would be much brighter with the efforts of the Syrian people and the Chinese support.

For his part, Makhlouf expressed his gratitude for the humanitarian aid China has provided over the years, noting, China has lent a helping hand when Syria is gripped by the economic sanctions, unilaterally imposed by the West.

The Syrian minister also hoped that China and Syria will establish a partnership in the process of Syria’s reconstruction.

In Jun, 2019, Syria received from China the first batch of 100 buses, including accessories and equipment. China also sent five technicians to teach how to use and maintain the buses.

Since the onset of the Syrian crisis in 2011, China has been providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, including food and medical supplies.


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