Brunei’s population increased at a slightly faster pace last year compared to 2017, said the “Report of the Mid-Year Population Estimates 2018”.

The Department of Statistics released the report on Monday which showed that the mid-year population for Brunei in 2018 was estimated at 442,400 compared to 429,500 in 2017.

“This represented an annual growth rate of 3.0 percent during the period 2017-2018, compared to 2.9 percent during the 2016-2017 period,” said the report.

It added that there were 112 males for every 100 females compared to a sex ratio of 108 in 2017.

“The male population accounted for 52.8 percent (233,400 persons) of the total population,” it said.

Of the overall total population, 74 percent (327,400 people) were Brunei citizens while permanent residents and temporary residents made up the remaining 7.5 percent (33,200) and 18.5 percent (81,800) respectively.

Data from the report showed that Malays make up 65.7 percent (290,700 persons) of the country’s entire population followed by the Chinese and others at 10.3 percent (45,600) and 24.0 percent (106,100) respectively.

Source: China � ASEAN Business Council