Bakcell supports an Azerbaijani who went on a bicycle tour around the world

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, announces that an Azerbaijani traveller Tural Abbasov, who went on a bicycle tour around the world, will use Bakcell's internet, voice and SMS services during the tour.

The bicycle traveller, who hit the road from Baku in January 2016 towards China, has already covered the distance of over 10,200 km and crossed the Central Asia. Presently, Tural is in Tailand and shares his travel experiences at and pages using Bakcell's roaming services.

"A reliable and high-quality mobile communication is a key factor during a travel. I want to extend my gratitude to Bakcell for covering my roaming expenses. To me, rather than a material support, this is more an example of Bakcell's contribution to the development and promotion of the culture of cycling and the bicycle travel, as well as company's focus to my work and the work of people like me. This is a good sign and I hope the other companies in Azerbaijan will follow Bakcell's example" said Tural Abbasov.

Source: Trend