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HONG KONG, March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Two of the most common concerns among modern air travelers today are the battery power of their mobile phone and the weight of their baggage. To combat these issues, Lettrino Limited has developed AirScale, a smart and unique combination of a phone charger and a weighing scale perfect for every frequent flyer.

AirScale can calibrate weights up to 40kg and the LCD screen shows both kilograms and pounds, meaning every traveler can fully prepare for any excess weight issue before checking in at the airport.

AirScale can recharge most mobile phone batteries fully for more than two cycles. With a capacity of 5,600mAh consisting of Samsung battery cells, the charging time is twice as fast as most power banks available on the market, with currents of 2A (input) and 2.4A (output).

What also makes AirScale unique is its great design. The front display window is not visible when not in use so users are instead greeted with the beautiful black glossy surface. When the device is in use, the numbers, indicating the battery level and weight will light up in red.

Lettrino Limited will start a crowdfunding event for AirScale on Indiegogo starting April 1. 2015 and for a limited time during the launch, it is available with a 30% discount off the official price.

Before you plan your next vacation, take a trip to and get ready for your journey.

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