AFIKIM, Israel, Sept. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Afimilk  is, for the first time, improving the fertility of tied cows by enabling their automatic heat detection with AfiAct II Stanchion.    


AfiAct II Stanchion incorporates long-range data collection and leg-mounted behavior monitoring tags (AfiTag II) throughout the Stanchion barn. It sends heat alerts as breeding lists to users’ computers and cell phones.

AfiAct II Stanchion‘s heat indicator analysis delivers accurate high-performance, heat detection in tie stalls. Owners of tie stalls can substantially improve their herd’s fertility: the system can increase pregnancy rates by 6% and 9% compared to visual observation, and can reduce yearly open days by 20 to 40 per cow, compared to other methods.

As a result, a tie stall farm with 100 cows may expect to save between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.  

Statistics from users show that the system doubles the number of confirmed heat events. Almost no cows were missed by AfiAct II, but detected by the operator (visual inspection), while a significant number of animals were bred solely following system detection.

"Afimilk has raised the level of our breeding program from a guessing game to a science.  Used as a tool in addition to traditional methods we have reduced open cows on herd health by 5% in the last four months," says Joel Stam, owner of Eagle Lee Farm in Norwich, Ontario, Canada.

Until now, technology-driven solutions have failed to address dairy herds in Stanchion barns, where detecting estrus and determining insemination timing are problematic.  Herds in free stalls and open lots benefit from automated heat detection, which increases their fertility traits, and improves herd profitability. In contrast, farmers of tied cows have relied on visual detection of heats or synchronization protocols. This often results in open days and longer lactation intervals, preventing the herd from reaching full profitability.

About Afimilk 

Afimilk has provided dairy producers the technology and knowledge to profitably produce high-quality milk for almost 40 years. The company presented the first operational pedometer system, and its creativity and proven expertise continue to lead the dairy industry.  By advancing technology and introducing innovations, Afimilk meets the dairy sector’s changing needs, and with systems installed in over 50 countries, the company stands at the forefront of management software and sensors.

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