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Industry trade shows in the U.S. and Europe showcase the new interoperable IP solutions 

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) integrated with access control systems from multiple Milestone Solution Partners will be presented at this month’s security industry events: SECURITY Essen in Germany and ASIS International in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Numerous Milestone Solution Partners are using the new XProtect® Access Control Module 2014 to offer unified integrations of their access control systems into Milestone XProtect® video surveillance solutions. The ability to tie video and access events together in this way greatly improves the speed and efficiency of incident investigations and response.

Providing the primary and most commonly used access control functions as an integral part of the XProtect® Smart Client interface, the Milestone XProtect Access Control Module 2014 eliminates the need for users to work with disparate independent systems. It also makes it possible to integrate different access control systems within the same XProtect customer installation.

The XProtect Smart Client provides the consolidated interface for operating integrated access control systems with such dedicated functions as monitoring access events with video verification, manually assisting passages (controlling doors, gates, etc.), conducting investigations of specific access points or cardholders, easily exporting video evidence and generating reports. Video of access incidents visually confirms and informs on situations as they happen for better response, and provides documentation for analysis, rectification or prosecution.

The Milestone partner ecosystem worldwide is teeming with more than thirty integrations of access control systems with the Milestone video platform, to fill market demands for this kind of solution. Many of these are achieved using the XProtect Access Control Module 2014, being presented here:

SECURITY Essen – September 23-26
Axis: Hall 2, Milestone stand 216 and Axis stand 311 and 507
Bosch Security Systems: Hall 2, Milestone stand 216 and Bosch stand 216
KABA: Hall 3, Kaba stand 310
Suprema/Camsecure: Hall 5, Suprema stand 134
AxessTMC (Zucchetti Group): Hall 2, Milestone stand 216

ASIS International – September 29-October 1
Axis: Axis booth 1023 and Anixter booth 1016
Bosch Security Systems: Bosch booth 3237
IMRON: Axis booth 1023 and Anixter booth 1016
ISONAS: Milestone booth 1043
Open Options: Open Options booth 2455
Siemens Building Technologies: Siemens booth 2525

Of these access control Milestone Solution Partners, ISONAS is the first to get certification on their ISONAS ACX integration using the XProtect Access Control Module. This means that the integrated solution with their pure-IP access control that is operable from within the XProtect Smart Client interface has been tested and proven for best-practice implementation and documented with optimized configurations.

"Milestone XProtect now has the ability to handle both video and access control. The ISONAS-Milestone integration allows customers to seamlessly deploy access control with the same topology as their cameras. This eliminates the need for additional power at the door, resulting in dramatically lower cost-of-ownership, providing a more flexible and scalable solution while avoiding the need to re-train Milestone XProtect users. This integration has the ability to dramatically change the way video and access control are implemented and managed with best-in-class video as the front-end," says Rob Mossman, CEO at ISONAS.

Axis Communications is also entering the physical access control market by introducing in Europe a network door controller with built-in web-based software. AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller is a complement to the existing Axis portfolio of innovative network video products and creates unique integration possibilities for partners and end users, including interoperability via the Milestone XProtect Access Control Module 2014.

"By leveraging the embedded functionality of AXIS Entry Manager, Milestone XProtect Access Control Module plays an important role in integrating visual validation of controlled door passage with the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller," said Johan Lembre, Director, Global Sales Solution, Enterprise & Medium Business, Axis Communications.

XProtect Access Control Module 2014 is part of the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), available through Milestone channel partners. This will be presented by Milestone Systems at Security Essen (Hall 2, Milestone stand 216) and ASIS International (Milestone booth 1043). The integrations with the access control systems from Milestone Solution Partners are available through their respective sales channels.

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