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The Asean Tribune is the world’s famous online news website that brings the news from all the member countries of the Asean region for its international readers and as it has the readers from all across the world so this website is among those ones, on which the international media depends on when it comes to any kind of news from the Asean region. The prominent landmark we have achieved so far is the trust of people on our news website, when it comes to publish domestic, regional and international news related to this specific region. The website has many services to let the readers find out the news with comfort and one of the services, is an “archiving management system” of the news and through which readers can take out any backdated news easily. As this website has been designed as per considering international standards of the journalism, so it is the responsibility of the Asean Tribune not to publish any inauthentic news and this is what we take care through ensuring that our news sources are providing accurate news that is free from being fake. As we have kept ourselves away from getting indulged in a war of getting ratings by any means, so it is only because of our devotion to promote the working method in the news industry, which has been guided by the norms of journalism. As we publish only authentic news, so it has also protected us to avoid any sort of news that is prejudice for and against any specific community and group. One of the main objectives of our news website is to come up with initiatives for the local businesses in the Asean region to get recognized internationally and behind this objective our purpose is to make this region stand among those regions, which have the decision making powers when it comes to define the economic policies of the world. The Asean Press Release Service has made many local businesses approach the international markets and because of that they are now recognized as international brands. So avail our services and make both international and local customers of your business and contribute to make the Asean region as the international hub of business activities.

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Find us on social media and you will get surprised to see that we are very much active on almost every social media site, and our existence there shows that we value what readers come up with about our news website and its performance. Our readers come across the current insights from all the sectors with comfort and that is what they do through by availing our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.