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20 students depart for Japan to deepen understanding
of Japanese Martial Arts

(KPL) On 10 November 2014, a group of 20 Lao students and one supervisor departed from the Wattay International Airport to Japan to participate in a youth exchange programme under the “JENESYS2.0”. The group will stay in Japan from 11 to 18 November and take part in the “Japanese Martial Arts” programme.
The programme is designed for students practicing Japanese martial arts such as Judo, Karatedo, Aikido and Kendo. 20 Lao students mentioned above were selected as outstanding athletes by the Lao Judo Federation, the Lao Karatedo Federation, the Lao Aikido Club and the Lao Kendo Club.
These Lao students will visit Tokyo and see historic landmarks and facilities related to Japanese martial arts. They will also visit the Nippon Sports Science University, a leading university in physical education and sports in Japan, to join a training camp with Japanese students for two days. The students are expected to use their experience gained in the program to improve martial arts skills in this country by sharing experiences.
The “JENESYS2.0” project is expected to cultivate friendship and deepen mutual understanding among young people from Japan and countries in Asia and Oceania. More than 470 Lao students and young people have visited Japan through this program since it started in 2013. (End)



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